Big Bear's Tiny Church

Gosforth St. Nicholas

Fr. Ted’s Prayer Corner & Tiny Church

 Sunday School

On first Sundays in the month (and some others e.g. Harvest Festival) we all worship together as a community in Church. On other Sundays we have a simple Sunday School with parents and children worshipping together in the Choir Vestry during the “sermon and intercessions” slot.  This fulfils two purposes: (1) that children, helped by their parents can reflect on simple Bible stories at their own appropriate level and (2) so that older members of the church community can hear the sermon and intercessions more easily.  We all need to work together on this so that children and parents feel comfortable and so that older members can hear! On all Sundays there are simple story books, colouring sheets etc. available in Fr. Ted’s Prayer Corner. For dates see below  


Big Bear’s Tiny Church

For parents and toddlers. We meet in the Hall Annexe on alternate Wednesdays from 9.30 finishing about 11.00. Coffee, chat, sharing of problems and friendship, thoughts about God, prayer and the breaking of bread, coffee together with songs and sometimes some craft work. Do join us .
Dates : 
JUNE 7, 21, JULY 5, 19